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with your dog

This project has received funding from the

European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and

innovation programme under grant agreement

No 762852

What is

Tail & what

it does

Tail is a powerful app that together with a fashionable clip helps you take better care of your dog. The app will inform you what your dog is doing at the moment that you are not around and advise you on what to do in the coming months.

Everyday activity in the palm of you paw

From now on you will always know what your friend is is up to, every day of the year. The clip tracks every activity of your dog and summarizes them for you.

Get friendly

Tail displays other app users in your proximity. Start chatting, make new friends, share tips or ask questions face to face.

Set up your own white picket e-fence

Check on your kids if they took the dog for a walk or create and share your favorite walking paths.


And in case your dog is lost - Tail has a button for that.

Real life friendly advice

Receive customized in-app advice on how to take batter care of your dog or teach him new skills.

A fitting companion

Tail clip fits any collar. With a simple system of rubber bands that can withstand a bite it is easy to attach, detach. clean and charge.

It's light, small and customizable with a spectrum of bands and finishing colors.

The accelerometer tracks every move the dog makes to be used as a part of Tail custom learning methodology.

Via the GPS/GSM module Tail will always know where your dog is at so you don't have to worry ever again.

The in-build thermometer is on a constant lookout for any temperature changes - you'll be the first to know if anything is wrong.

Tail is planned to hold up to 5 days on a single battery charge. We're constantly working on making it run even longer.

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